Become Satoshi

You must:

  • Have a Twitter account that is at least one year old with at least 300 followers.
  • Did not previously claim to be or not to be Satoshi on the account.
  • Open to being shilled as Satoshi indefinitely.
  • Post inspirational quotes (subjective) indefinitely.
  • Make an effort decorating your profile with intellectual or pseudointellectual fluff about cryptocurrencies.
  • Must constantly remind people you are Satoshi after the transformation.
  • Must be government friendly and occasionally remind people Bitcoin is not for crime.
  • Must not sign Satoshi or Patoshi blocks at any point.
  • Commit to keeping up with the appearance and posts for at least one week.

Reward will be made on effort spent decorating the account. Low-effort submissions will be rejected/disputed.

Solving Time
Task not challengeable
3 random Notaries
12.5 mBCH
9 or more Confirmations
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  • Solution/Comments visible for everyone
  • In case of dispute 0.03 notary fee
  • 0.01 site fee + miner fee