Play a game of satoshistack with me

let's play the following game:

  • To receive this reward post the address you use to play before we start.

  • We must then in the comment section arrange a time when we both are online. We'll then start the game and play at least until a jackpot of 0.015 BCH!

  • To get to this reward you must have increased the timer with at least 0.008 Bitcoin Cash by sending 8 x 0.001 BCH tx (leading to the 0.015 BCH jackpot by doing it while I also send my tx there - turn by turn)

Solving Time
Task not challengeable
5 random Notaries
13 mBCH
9 or more Confirmations
Created 1554461463126 by


  • Solution/Comments visible for everyone
  • In case of dispute 0.05 notary fee
  • 0.01 site fee + miner fee