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tobib 10k about 2 months ago

Bitcoin Cash wallet challenge - Create a video where you send BCH to 10 people

Create a video where you send at least 0.001 BCH (~25 cents) to 10 people. The video should show how you talk to them, send them BCH and it should not be filmed by yourself. The most important part: It should be filmed in one cut. No cuts in between. The video can be as long as it needs to be. Everything from 5 minutes to several hours is acceptable.

Summarizing - the video should:

  • show at least 10 people receiving at least 0.001 BCH from you to their own wallet on their phone
  • be filmed in one cut!
  • people in the video should all be above the age of 16
  • not be filmed by yourself so you and the people you send to are fully visible

Bonus (not necessary):

  • tell them you're doing this as a lazyfox.io task

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tobib 10k about 1 month ago

Please publish the video on youtube, library or some other free and publicly available video platform


joseph 944 about 1 month ago

[Comment 1 of 2] Hi, seeing that the task duration is drawing to an end for me, I may have to forfeit this with viable reason & because of limitations on my part: Sending the said amount of BCH to 10 persons wasn't an issue, but who do I send to? I was based in Lagos State and only just recently moved down to Akwa Ibom State (Southern Nigeria) last month. In this town, I can categorically say less an 5% of people have a fair knowledge of what cryptocurrencies are in general and even less were willing to receive it (citing it being a "scam" and too complex to use); I reassured them of the safety & security in it's usage and was willing to give full orientations. ... [1/2]


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umairkhan 478 about 4 days ago
100 mBCH
Accepted solution
tobib 10k about 4 days ago

Well.. it does not really satisfy the task requirement as you missed the most important part: Do everything in one cut, especially the sending. So I would've liked you to show in the video how you scan the QR codes of your friends phones and do the sending. But ok, I'll still accept this as this was pretty close to delivering what I wanted. Please be more careful about the task's description in the future and stick to what the task requires. If I'll ever do such a task again and accept your application I'll be more strickt with regards to the task requirements.



abrahamifeayo 0 about 16 days ago
Declined solution
tobib 10k about 15 days ago

That's not at all what the task was