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Is there a way to import an existing seed into the wallet without ending up with 2 BCH wallets?

If yes, how?

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Yes! On the main screen, click +, "Import wallet", enter seed, click advanced options to make sure password and/or derivation path is correct (change 44'/0'/0' to 44'/145'/0' if importing from Badger, for example)

Then delete any other wallets and you end up with just one wallet.

Note that this will not work for seeds imported from Electron-cash; Electron-cash inherited an incompatible, non-standard-conforming seed format from Electrum, so while it can import seeds from other wallets, seeds from electron-cash cannot be imported elsewhere. =\ Aligning Electron-cash to BIP39 standards is on the roadmap, but no idea when it'll be done.

Meanwhile, if you just want a shared wallet between Electron-cash, it's best to create the wallet at, export the seed, and import it in Electron-cash (making sure to check BIP39 and specify 44'/0'/0' when creating wallet). Then they can share a seed and access the same wallet.

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heyhey, the wallet I want to import is also a wallet so the derivation path works fine. my problem is that I don't see an obvious way to delete one of the now two bch wallets.
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Click the wallet you don't want -> gear icon (top right) -> more options -> delete wallet (at the bottom)
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yay, there it is! thanks very much! :)
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