Visit a BCH restaurant or bar to train their employees and promote that place

I am offering to significantly grow adoption in Caracas, Venezuela:

  1. Visit a random food BCH merchant in Caracas, Venezuela
  2. Make a purchase of a coffee or juice
  3. Pay with BCH, grabbing a video of that process,
  4. Publish that video on Twitter, Facebook, Memo, Instagram & YouTube
  5. Help the merchant get Signed-Up with Bitcoin Map Android App:
  6. Help the merchant get Signed-Up with Google Maps so that everyone can find him easily and we can give him a review
  7. Give a review to that merchant including a photo containing the sticker of BCH if available
  8. Promote that place on Bitcoin Map
  9. Get that merchant to Sign-Up with a Cashback program of ANYPAY Bitcoin POS so that all the future Satoshis get 10% Cashback on their BCH purchase!

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4.97 mBCH
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