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emergentreasons 350 about 3 years ago

update old gif with bch and fees

There is an old gif (attached). I would like the following changes:

  1. If possible, a higher-resolution source would be good.
  2. Make high fees the source of explosion. Maybe she drops USDT into a bottle of orange BTC? Not sure exactly the details.
  3. The bird is BCH. Don't want to completely cover up the bird.

Something like that. Please share an example of something you have made (with some kind of proof it is yours) if you want a higher chance that I will accept your offer.


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emergentreasons 350 about 3 years ago

@laraib did you make the gif you linked?


maxsteel 18 about 3 years ago

I Think I Understand What You're Looking For. I've Been Making Gif And Generic Memes About BCH On Noise Here's The Link Of It. https://noise.cash/post/l7xk8n6p


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sajib 350 about 3 years ago
17.15 mBCH
Accepted solution
emergentreasons 350 about 3 years ago

It's great! After I see it, "high fees" is too much. Is it possible to make it exactly the same, but remove the "High fees" text?


laurenceuuu 38 about 3 years ago

You're very active here.