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imightbepenguin 155 about 14 days ago

Find a website that gives information on Bitcoin's full mempool size history in a format that can be easily copied

I've been wanting to gather information on Bitcoin's historical mempool size (per day), but unfortunately I haven't been able to gather any sources that give the complete history of Bitcoin's mempool size. So far, the best source I've gotten is from blockchain.com, which only shows the stats from 2016-2020 when blocks started becoming full. I want to gather as much information as possible about Bitcoin's historical mempool size. Ideally, the information should span from 2009-2020, but if it starts in 2010 or 2011, that's okay.

Apart from the information itself, it needs to be in a format that is easy to copy and past such as csv, xlsx, or even a normal text table that can paste without formatting issues would be good.

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deepu 38 about 13 days ago

Why there are no apply to task button?


thesatoshistore 15 about 12 days ago

glassnode.com is the site you need


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effizyprince 127 about 13 days ago
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hermanezz 55 about 13 days ago

that seems just wrong


imightbepenguin 155 about 13 days ago

I'm aware that the mempool always cleared for Bitcoin when blocks were not full...