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toorik 3k about 20 days ago

Create bch chess website.

Please comment in the application comment field about your developer qualifications.

For getting the reward the following must be done: 1. Create a simple chess website. 2. Two users can enter names and start a game. 3. Different time controls like 3; 5; 10 min games. 4. Time control must be implemented. 5. At the end the winners name must be displayed. 6. Implement bch support. 7. Both players can send bch to the bet pool. 8. At the end bet pool is payed to the winner. 9. In case of a draw bet pool is split. 10. Match is recorded on bch blockchain (names, color of pieces, timecontrol, bet size, result, etc). 11. Extra 100usd if betting is done non-custodially.


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mibo 88 about 20 days ago

This is a really cool idea, but as there will be money involved I'm sure people will cheat by inputting their opponents moves in a game against a machine on the side and then use the machines moves in the actual game. I wouldn't want to bet money on a game where I'm likely to play against a machine. I can't really see a way to counteract that without the two players being in person, but with that said, I'd totally play a game through this website in person with someone :D


d6x7er 0 about 2 days ago

i can do it but the price is very low. sorry.


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