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When start fertilizing paprika / chilli plants?

I have a couple of paprica / chilli plants. They just started to grow, first primary leafs come out. They are planted in low nutrient cultivation soil.

As paprika need a long time to grow, and as it is too cold here to let them early have full sunpower, I think I'll need to fertilize them.

How many primary leafs should the plants have that I can fertilize them?

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At planting time: Half the quantity of slow-release fertilizer is added to the soil according to the package instructions. A little phosphorus-containing fertilizer or algae extract is added to the planting hole. Both of these factors result in faster and better root formation.

Growth period: Who has the possibility to work with homemade spray broths and teas, should give the chili plants a leaf fertilization with these products. Especially nettle extracts are very rich in minerals and recommended. Recipes for teas and broths can be found under plant protection.

At flowering time: In order to enable the plant to produce a better and richer fruit, mineral fertilizers are essential. This fertilizer should have a low nitrogen content, but a high magnesium content and a high content of other minerals and trace elements. Since there are no special chili fertilizers, I use a vegetable fertilizer with the values 5%N, 5%P, 10%K, 10%Mg for the cultivation of chili and paprika. This fertilizer is added according to package instructions together with some primary rock flour and poured on. The effect can already be seen after a few days. Plants that already bear fruit and have stopped flowering start to flower again and develop new fruit in a short time.

All in all that is what I can tell you about this. Even if it´s a plant that needs some time to grow, you can do it.

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