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robert 1k about 8 days ago

Ui/UX/Product Designer located in Berlin for full time hire

Provide contact details of an experienced UI & UX designer located in Berlin to be hired full time by our company. Please don't provide private information of that person but rather something that is already public like a linked.in profile or a personal website. The person should have minimum 2 years working experience in designing web- and mobile apps and should be fluent in both English and German. The person should not be a freelancer.

Our employees work 100% remotely and we offer a competitive salary.

A solution to this task is accepted if:

  • contact details to a person are provided that is clearly a ui & ux designer
  • has minimum 2 years of working experience in ui & ux design of apps
  • the person is located in berlin
  • the person is not a freelancer
  • the person is fluent in english and german

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