Bicycle sharing, 3 places

The world is unbalanced.
We want to change that.

Ookolective is a grassroots movement, about riding bicycles, anywhere and everywhere.

For that to happen we need you to help to find safe places where the bicycles can be left for some time in between rides. It does not matter where.

For this task we are asking for three different places that can accept to keep one or more bicycles for free. If you find just one, send us a message and we'll put another task online.

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Example of a good solved task @
This is the kind of quality that we are looking for.
If it's not like this please send us a message before with your questions. Don't just submit a solution and waste both our and your time.

Bounty for three places provably found, solution should include description and location, contacts, and motivation for owners to participate.

We are interested in places in which the owners have an interest and long term vision to participate in the project.
Contact us at ook olective @ gmail . com [no spaces]

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