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To find people to keep bicycles

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We are trying to do a decentralized bicycle sharing system.

It works this way: with a membership (for the price of a bicycle) people can use the platform and ride between cities where it's safe to leave the bicycle they used.

For this to happen we need a network of places that keep the bicycles more or less secure and accessible.

We want to do a one-time membership and bureaucracy to the minimum, so we are just interested in places that can keep them for free (or pay a deposit to have them in their domain).
It would not be a big hassle for several of them and they can enjoy to participate in what I think is a cool project.

Examples could be hostels, camping sites, cafés with space outside, nature reserves, etc..

The bicycles can be put outside with a cover to protect from rain.

The project is ongoing and subject to changes, inputs, and discussion at the time.

bounty for each find, with provable proof like photo with the owner or email, location and a small description of his idea about it, requirements and expectations.

It can be anywhere.

edit: I cannot add solving time, I just saw it now, that was my mistake, so please take your time before starting the task. If you have any questions or want different terms please say so, if it's possible in the website.

email at ook ol ective@g mail. c om [no spaces]

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So if you are interested in a place to set your business in the city of Porto, in Portugal, you can contact this business.

It is placed in the city center (Downtown)

I spoke with someone in the shop and they gave me these contacts. Company info :

Owner: Sérgio Marques CEO.


Hope it still serves the purpose of the task.

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What exactly do they propose?
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Well that is all I know. People at the shop said you could contact them. That is as far as I could go as your "brand embassador". They seemed interested in the project. They are a bike rent business so they keep their bikes ok, and they have space.
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That is not enough. To seem interested in the project, from Portuguese people that are usually nice and welcoming does not mean real interest in the project if they could not specify a reason.
We aim to be a bicycle sharing platform, so we would probably be competing with them. I cannot see how they could "profit" from this project.
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