On-Board a new BCH merchant in Caracas, Venezuela

I am offering to:

  1. Search for a merchant that is not yet listed on Bitcoin Cash Map
  2. Get that merchant to install a BCH wallet
  3. Get that merchant to receive a one dollar donation (That is one dollar of the five I am requesting for this task)
  4. Make a video of that process
  5. Publish that video on Instagram, Memo, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook
  6. Add that place to our Bitcoin Merchants App
  7. Add that place to Google Maps so that more Satoshis can easily find that place in the future
  8. Add a review and photos to Gmaps mentioning the keywords bitcoin and BCH!
  9. Visit that business a second time after one week and make a test purchase
  10. Publish a photo of that test purchase on Instagram

You are Satoshi Nakamoto!

You can grow adoption and therefore the value of your holdings by simply sponsoring this task!

Solving Time
Task not challengeable
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12.39 mBCH
9 or more Confirmations
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