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Bicycle sharing

The world is unbalanced.
We want to change that.

Ookolective is a grassroots movement, about riding bicycles, anywhere and everywhere.

For that to happen we need you to help to find safe places where the bicycles can be left for some time in between rides. It does not matter where.

More info @

Bounty for each place provably found, including description and location, contact, and motivation for participating.
Contact us at ook olective @ gmail . com [no spaces]

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Submit date: 2019-05-15 23:22:38Z from simonri


Hello again!

I have contacted multiple companies about the Ookolective project. I got in contact with a guy called Hans Lindqvist who runs a cafe in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden. Gamla Stan is a famous "tourist attraction" with many daily visitors.

Link to image

Hans will allow Ookolective customers to keep the bikes outside his cafe and he will be able to keep an eye on them now and them. He is very positive to the project as it could increase the amount of visitors to his cafe. He will gladly be able to invest in a cover to protect the bikes from rain if that is necessary.

You can contact Hans at mail:

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Thanks again! : ) : D
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Should I refer to you as Simon, talking with them?
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