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emergentreasons 350 about 3 years ago

Calculate the height of imaginary mountains from a picture

I would like you to use the provided image of an imaginary planet that has very large mountain formations and calculate the height of one of the typical mountains in the picture.


  • The planet in the picture is the same diameter as Earth.
  • Please ask in comments or DM if you need additional assumptions.

I will only accept estimates based on mathematical methods and information that can be measured directly from the picture such as the curvature.

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lars 0 about 3 years ago

By comparing it to Olympus Mons we can get a very good estimate: https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/XNRcoHujh5mZHmPQZzYbgH-1200-80.jpg OM is 198px high when scaled to the size of your pic. Tallest mountain about the same distance from the horizon in your pic is 62px high. Accounting for the smaller curvature of Mars, we get a scaled size of OM of 105px. OM is at least 21.9km, and your mountains are about 59% of that or smaller. So overall, your mountains are about 13km tall. It's not exact but it'll be pretty close.


emergentreasons 350 about 3 years ago

Measurements and calculations must be described so that the logic can be followed.


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imightbepenguin 155 about 3 years ago
56.74 mBCH
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emergentreasons 350 about 3 years ago

Sorry I'm not able to exactly follow the logic in your document. Could you explain it a bit more step by step? For example making sure any value on the paper has a semantic label or is labeled in the images? I would also like to know how you established the size of the arc in the picture.