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georgedonnelly 1k about 25 days ago

Create a Video of Yourself Remitting BCH Across National Borders

Produce a clear and well-filmed video of yourself sending any amount of Bitcoin Cash BCH from one country to another.

  • Video of both the sender and receiver in real-time is required.
  • You can send each video separately and I will edit them into a whole.
  • Real faces, real people, show the wallet as the funds are being sent and received.
  • Include a short statement from the sender at the beginning explaining what the sender is about to do.
  • Include a short statement from the recipient at the end where they honestly describe how they feel about the experience of using BCH for remittances.
  • No staging, no faking, all must be real.
  • Clean video 16:9 ratio minimum wide 1280px, no logos or addition of anything, no blurring
  • Excellent audio is an absolute requirement.
  • Preference will be given for use of the Bitcoin.com mobile wallet.
  • Preference will be given to video that shows the city or area where the sender and recipient are located in the background.

Acceptance is exclusively at my personal and subjective discretion.

Ask your questions and receive mentoring here: https://t.me/BitcoinCashSupport.

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nurain 849 about 20 days ago
333.33 mBCH
Accepted solution
georgedonnelly 1k about 19 days ago

It is lacking video of the recipient and recipient wallet in real time. Add this and I would like to accept this solution.


nurain 849 about 18 days ago

Hello George new link to the reshoot https://we.tl/t-WKCxskUz7E



ericmannie 625 about 5 days ago
Declined solution
georgedonnelly 1k about 4 days ago

"Video of both the sender and receiver in real-time is required." You did not do this part of the task but instead screen-recorded. I will have to decline unfortunately.