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dibble 106 about 1 month ago

Tip MGTOW SLP Token On Social Media

I need someone that can tip the MGTOW SLP token to active members of of MGTOW communities within Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.

  1. Tip 50 unique and active users on the reddit MGTOW forum including SandmanMGTOW and Turd Flinging Monkey. https://www.reddit.com/r/MGTOW2

  2. Tip 50 unique and active users on SandmanMGTOW twitter account including Sandman himself. https://twitter.com/SandmanMGTOW

  3. Tip 50 unique and active users on Turd Flinging Monkey's Discord channel. I don't have the link but it should be easy to find. Make sure to tip TFM and Aeroshogun one token each within that channel especially.

Use CCTip for tipping. https://cctip.io/index

Experience using CCTip would be helpful with this one. I do not have a social media account on these platforms and I do not want one. Once this task is accepted you will send me your MGTOW wallet receive address within CCTip.io and I will send you the tokens to tip.

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joseph 944 about 1 month ago

Hi, this seems easy but before I apply, I need some clarifications: 1. r/MGTOW2 subreddit is very active. It wouldn't be hard to tip commenters using replies. However, for SandmanMGTOW and Turd Flinging Monkey, what are their u/ ? 2. Twitter. I can afford to note down users handles and tip them in groups of 5's right? The reason for this is that comments left on https://twitter.com/SandmanMGTOW were sparse. An average of 2 per tweet 3. Discord. well, finding the channel/server link is NOT easy. "Monkey Business" which I found & thought was it, is inactive. Info on TFM's About-page on YT doesn't list it either... just lists Username. If you can supply the link, I'd solve this in no time


rhoi2418 283 about 16 days ago

is this still available?


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joseph 944 about 30 days ago
40 mBCH
Accepted solution
dibble 106 about 29 days ago

Wow! That awesome. Thanks so much Joseph.