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gabu 295 about 1 month ago

Are you up for BCH awareness? Show your plan.

Task: Draft a well formatted and viable plan of how you would spend $10 worth of BCH in spreading bitcoincash's awareness among people that are ignorant of the existence of BCH. Also include an undertaken or words of promise that you would go ahead with your plans after receiving the reward.

Rules: No long epistle. Keep it between 150 to 300 words

Please mention your country in the application. Don't beg to be accepted

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umairkhan 369 about 1 month ago

From Pakistan


shakar 46 about 1 month ago



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preacherman 260 about 1 month ago
41.66 mBCH
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gabu 295 about 1 month ago

This is a very brilliant plan and I hope you would be faithful enough to go through with it. Use the extra $10 to include more students in your plan. If you need anymore assistance, hit me up on noise.cash/u/GabbyShare , provide some proof of how this one went and I may likely help or direct your request to Toorik.