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georgedonnelly 1k about 25 days ago

Create a Video of Yourself Onboarding Someone New to the Bitcoin.com Wallet

Produce a clear and well-filmed video of yourself introducing another person or group of persons where at least one is over the age of 15 to Bitcoin Cash, including where at least one person is demonstrated on video to be installing the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Give at least one person you have newly onboarded at least USD$1 in BCH and show the entire process of sending, receiving, installing, etc. in detail.

  • Real faces, real people, show the wallet as the funds are being sent and received.
  • Include a short statement from yourself showing your face at the beginning explaining what you are about to do. Include at least a 45-second orientation on what Bitcoin Cash is and how it can be of use to the person you are onboarding.
  • Show the process of finding the wallet in the app store and the whole downloading and opening process. No skipped steps!
  • Include a short statement from the recipient at the end where they honestly describe how they feel about the experience of using BCH to get paid.
  • No staging, no faking, all must be real.
  • Clean video 16:9 ratio minimum width 1280px, no logos or addition of anything, no blurring
  • Excellent audio is an absolute requirement.
  • Preference will be given to video that shows the city or area where the sender and recipient are located in the background.

Acceptance is exclusively at my personal and subjective discretion.

Ask your questions and receive mentoring here: https://t.me/BitcoinCashSupport.

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effizyprince 127 about 23 days ago

Can I onboard my sister?


joseph 121 about 9 days ago

Hello Sir, I'm currently signed-up for completing this task and I've got some days on my side I onboarded a friend of mine and my video was clearly recorded with excellent audio. However, on reading the Task's conditions again, I noticed the statement: "Clean video 16:9 ratio minimum width...". The issue is I made a mistake of recording the video in a kind of Portrait mode/view instead of Landscape view that's synonymous with the 16:9 ratio. The video hasn't been uploaded anywhere yet. Would this be acceptable by you? or do you suggest I create a new video in the 16:9 ratio?


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joseph 121 about 3 days ago
Awaiting decision
tobib 9k about 2 days ago

My favorite one so far. Great job joseph!


georgedonnelly 1k 3 hours ago

Nice job! Please deliver to george@panmoni.com via wetransfer or google drive the original, unedited, uncompressed, raw files so I can accept your solution.



davidkomo 535 about 23 days ago
200 mBCH
Accepted solution
georgedonnelly 1k about 22 days ago

Please send me the raw files to george@panmoni.com via wetransfer.com and I will then accept your solution. NICELY DONE!! Thanks.



ericmannie 625 about 15 days ago
200 mBCH
Accepted solution
georgedonnelly 1k about 15 days ago

There is too much background noise during the first ~1m20s . Can you re-record that part please? Remember, I want clean, un-edited video. I don’t like that you touched the recipient’s screen. The recipient should demonstrate they know how to use the wallet themselves. I will let that go this time, but not in any future tasks or submissions. You did not clearly show the recipient’s phone when the payment was received. I can’t verify that it was actually received. This is a dealbreaker. You are VERY CLOSE. Please re-submit with video that addresses these points. I will not reject this solution for a few days in order to give you the chance to remedy it but please do it quickly.


ericmannie 625 about 14 days ago

https://youtu.be/f-j17Ma4VII Corrections made