aims to be a community of people helping each other.

We at are against the strict categorization of users as "buyers" and "sellers", "experts" and "help-seekers" or "service providers" and "service consumers". We believe that everyone has something to offer and some things that need to be done. As a result we welcome everyone to be part of our community and encourage you to ask questions, answer questions, delegate work, fulfill work and resolve conflicts that might arise. A plus: you might receive some Bitcoin Cash on the way.

We think that Bitcoin is the greatest invention since the creation of the internet and that it will lead humankind to a new world of economic freedom and unleashed human potential.
We hope to be part of this ongoing crypto revolution and believe that one of the most important aspects right now is demonstrating the usefulness of crypto currencies to a broader audience. We believe that the resulting mass adoption is crucial to make the crypto ecosystem more robust and antifragile.